Collaborative Environment for Grid-based Flood Prediction

keywords: Collaborative Grid Environment, Grid computing, Workflow, Data management, Portal, Flood prediction, Simulation
This paper presents the design, architecture and main implementation features of the flood prediction application of the Task 1.2 of the EU IST CROSSGRID footnoteThis work is supported by EU 5FP CROSSGRID IST-2001-32243 RTD project and the Slovak Scientific Grant Agency within Research Project No. 2/3132/23. project. The paper begins with the description of the virtual organization of hydrometeorological experts, users, data providers and customers supported by the application. Then the architecture of the application is described, followed by used simulation models and modules of the collaborative environment. The paper ends with vision of future development of the application.
reference: Vol. 24, 2005, No. 1, pp. 87–108