Intelligent Computing for the Management of Changes in Industrial Engineering Modeling Processes

keywords: Industrial modeling
Advancements in engineering modeling have changed the work of engineers during the last two decades. Sophisticated descriptions store information about shape oriented engineering objects and their relationships. Boundary representations of form features constitute shape models. Rules and checks have replaced simple data form of shape model entity attributes. This change of modeling facilitates a next step towards application of computer intelligence at engineering object related decisions. The authors propose a method of intelligent attribute definition for integrated decision assistance environments of modeling systems. This method provides quick and comprehensive assessment of situations for decisions on modification of modeled objects in very complex information environments. The paper starts with an outline of the approach to intelligent decision assistance by the authors. Next, an Internet portal communicated scenario of the proposed modeling is discussed. Following this, multilevel solution for modeling, adding characteristics for engineering objects, and definitions and communications are detailed as essential methods in the proposed modeling. Finally, behaviors for essential classes of modeled objects and an example for the definition of situations and behaviors represent implementation issues.
reference: Vol. 24, 2005, No. 6, pp. 549–562