User-focused Reference Modelling for 3G and Beyond Mobile and Wireless Applications

keywords: Reference, model, mobile, wireless, Cyberworld, CyPhone
In the wireless world human perspectives play an important role in understanding and developing 3G and beyond mobile and wireless applications. For this we need to develop some reference models in order to best describe the requirements in developing and deploying future generation multimedia mobile and wireless applications. In this paper it first comes up with an introduction of a reference model which forms the basis in Wireless Strategic Initiative (WSI) research project. A user-focused model is then developed which describes the users' wants and needs in mobile and wireless applications. The CyPhone system is then presented and it is followed by both static and dynamic reference modelling, which are drawn from CyPhone mobile navigation scenarios. This paper contributes to the understanding of the generic reference models and static and dynamic reference modelling in the wireless world. This paper ends up with a conclusion and future work is outlined.
reference: Vol. 25, 2006, No. 4, pp. 291–304