Speaker Recognition in the Biometric Security Systems

keywords: Biometry, security systems, speaker, recognition
At present, the importance of the biometric security increases a lot in cotext of the events in the world. Development of the individual biometric technologies such as the fingerprint recognition, iris or retina recognition or speaker recognition has been considered very important. However, it comes to be true that only one biometric technology is not sufficient enough. One of the most prosperous solutions might be a combination of more such technologies. This article aims at the technology of the speaker recognition and proposes a solution of its integration into a more complex biometric security system. Herein a design of the complex biometric security system is introduced based on the speaker recognition and the fingerprint authentication. A method of acquisition of a unique vector from speaker specific features is introduced as well.
reference: Vol. 25, 2006, No. 5, pp. 369–391