Towards Semantic Interoperability for IT Governance: An Ontological Approach

keywords: Ontology, ontology mapping, semantic interoperability, compliance management, IT governance
In today's IT-centric environment, businesses rely more heavily on IT technologies. Organizations are often obliged to satisfy different requirements demanded and imposed by customers, business partners and legal entities. With increasing regulatory requirements, various best practices and standards are phenomenally employed to benchmark organizational adherence to different regulations. In a heterogeneous, multi-regulated, multi-disciplined and global environment, corporations are often required to consult with multiple standards. Interoperability between the standards for heterogeneous compliance management in the forms of semantic data translation and data integration is subsequently required. Semantic translation between standards allows compliance efforts established on a standard to be based on another standard. On the other hand, semantic data integration enables an integrated view of multiple standards. We present in this paper an ontology-based approach to the semantic interoperability problem in the domain of IT governance.
reference: Vol. 27, 2008, No. 1, pp. 131–155