Fusion Plasma simulation in the Interactive Grid

keywords: Langevin, stellarator, mpi, interactivity, visualization, opengl
Within the framework of the int.eu.grid project, IVISDEP, which stands for Interactive Visualizer of an Integrator of Stochastic Differential Equations for Plasmas, has been successfully ported and executed. It is an example of integration of many of the innovative features that this grid infrastructure offers. The application itself simulates and visualizes the evolution of the plasma inside a stellarator fusion device. The followed approach implies the simulation of a great number of trajectories of particles, whose positions are calculated among a large number of nodes in the Grid. The graphical interface allows the user to see and modify the physical and computational parameters of the simulation interactively, making this application a valuable tool for researchers in plasma physics.
reference: Vol. 27, 2008, No. 2, pp. 261–270