An Implementation of Membrane Computing Using Reconfigurable Hardware

keywords: Membrane computing, parallel implementations of membrane computing, hardware implementations of membrane computing, reconfigurable hardware
Because of their inherent large-scale parallelism, membrane computing models can be fully exploited only through the use of a parallel computing platform. We have fully implemented such a computing platform based on reconfigurable hardware that is intended to support the efficient execution of membrane computing models. This computing platform is the first of its type to implement parallelism at both the system and region levels. In this paper, we describe how our computing platform implements the core features of membrane computing models in hardware, and present a theoretical performance analysis of the algorithm it executes in hardware. The performance analysis suggests that the computing platform can significantly outperform sequential implementations of membrane computing as well as Petreska and Teuscher's hardware implementation, the only other complete hardware implementation of membrane computing in existence.
reference: Vol. 27, 2008, No. 3+, pp. 551–569