Integration between WSNs and Internet based on Address Internetworking for Web Services

keywords: USN, integration, address internetworking
There has been an increasing interest in wireless sensor networks as a new technology to realize ubiquitous computing, and demands for internetworking technology between the wireless sensor networks and the Internet which is based on IP address. For this purpose, this paper proposes and implements the internetworking scheme which assigns IP addresses to the sensor nodes and internetworks based on the gateway-based integration for internetworking between the wireless sensor networks and the Internet. That is, the proposed scheme makes the access to the wireless sensor networks be serviced as like the Web service with internetworking Internet IP address and ZigBee address which is allocated to the sensor node in wireless sensor networks. For validating the proposed scheme, we made experiments using Berkeley TinyOS, Mica Motes, dual protocol stack based on ZigBee and IP, and showed the service result using browser (IE) and IPv6 address based on DNS.
reference: Vol. 27, 2008, No. 5, pp. 707–718