A Novel Mechanism for Gridification of Compiled Java Applications

keywords: Grid computing, gridification, parallelism, Grid middlewares, Satin, resource-intensive applications, Java bytecode
Exploiting Grids intuitively requires developers to alter their applications, which calls for expertise on Grid programming. Gridification tools address this problem by semi-automatically making user applications to be Grid-aware. However, most of these tools produce monolithic Grid applications in which common tuning mechanisms (e.g. parallelism) are not applicable, and do not reuse existing Grid middleware services. We propose BYG (BYtecode Gridifier), a gridification tool that relies on novel bytecode rewriting techniques to parallelize and easily execute existing applications via Grid middlewares. Experiments performed by using several computing intensive applications on a cluster and a simulated wide-area Grid suggest that our techniques are effective while staying competitive compared to programmatically using such services for gridifying applications.
reference: Vol. 30, 2011, No. 6, pp. 1259–1285