An Approach to Generating Arguments over DL-Lite Ontologies

keywords: DL-Lite, ontology, argument, focal graph, support path
Argumentation frameworks for ontology reasoning and management have received extensive interests in the field of artificial intelligence in recent years. As one of the most popular argumentation frameworks, Besnard and Hunter's framework is built on arguments in the form of łangle Phi, phi rangle where Phi is consistent and minimal for entailing phi. However, the problem of generating arguments over ontologies is still open. This paper presents an approach to generating arguments over DL-Lite ontologies by searching support paths in focal graphs. Moreover, theoretical results and examples are provided to ensure the correctness of this approach. Finally, we show that approach has the same complexity as propositional revision.
reference: Vol. 32, 2013, No. 5, pp. 924–948