Optimization of Layer Selection with Unreliable RI in LTE Systems

keywords: LTE, MIMO, RI, transmission spatial layer, BLER, ATC algorithm, CQI adjustment
This paper investigates the optimization of transmission spatial layer selection with unreliable rank indicator (RI) in downlink LTE systems. Taking the block error rate (BLER) into consideration, we propose an accurate throughput calculation (ATC) algorithm at user equipment (UE) side as well as at evolved NodeB (eNB) side. On the basis of ATC algorithm, we propose an accurate RI selection algorithm to periodically choose the preferred number of transmission spatial layers at UE side. Further based on acknowledgement (ACK)/ negative acknowledgement (NACK) history, channel quality indicator (CQI) is adjusted at eNB side to achieve the throughput optimal target BLER. By substituting the derived BLER into ATC algorithm, the optimal number of transmitted spatial layers in current downlink channel is derived at eNB side. Simulation results show that both the proposed CQI adjustment scheme for spatial layer selection and RI selection algorithm yield up significant throughput improvement for different evaluation scenarios in LTE systems.
reference: Vol. 33, 2014, No. 2, pp. 431–445