Energy Aware Resource Allocation for Clouds Using Two Level Ant Colony Optimization

keywords: Energy efficiency, resource allocation in cloud, dynamic voltage frequency scaling, ant colony optimization, quality of service
In cloud environment resources are dynamically allocated, adjusted, and deallocated. When to allocate and how many resources to allocate is a challenging task. Resources allocated optimally and at the right time not only improve the utilization of resources but also increase energy efficiency, provider's profit and customers' satisfaction. This paper presents ant colony optimization (ACO) based energy aware solution for resource allocation problem. The proposed energy aware resource allocation (EARA) methodology strives to optimize allocation of resources in order to improve energy efficiency of the cloud infrastructure while satisfying quality of service (QoS) requirements of the end users. Resources are allocated to jobs according to their QoS requirements. For energy efficient and QoS aware allocation of resources, EARA uses ACO at two levels. First level ACO allocates Virtual Machines (VMs) resources to jobs whereas second level ACO allocates Physical Machines (PMs) resources to VMs. Server consolidation and dynamic performance scaling of PMs are employed to conserve energy. The proposed methodology is implemented in CloudSim and the results are compared with existing popular resource allocation methods. Simulation results demonstrate that EARA achieves desired QoS and superior energy gains through better utilization of resources. EARA outperforms major existing resource allocation methods and achieves up to 10.56 % saving in energy consumption.
reference: Vol. 37, 2018, No. 1, pp. 76–108