Regularized Surface and Point Landmarks Based Efficient Non-Rigid Medical Image Registration

keywords: Medical image registration, deformation, radial basis functions, image guided surgery, radiotherapy
Medical image registration is one of the fundamental tasks in medical image processing. It has various applications in field of image guided surgery (IGS) and computer assisted diagnosis (CAD). A set of non-linear methods have been already developed for inter-subject and intra-subject 3D medical image registration. However, efficient registration in terms of accuracy and speed is one of the most demanded of today surgical navigation (SN) systems. This paper is a result of a series of experiments which utilizes Fast Radial Basis Function (RBF) technique to register one or more medical images non-rigidly. Initially, a set of curves are extracted using a combined watershed and active contours algorithm and then tiled and converted to a regular surface using a global parameterization algorithm. It is shown that the registration accuracy improves when higher number of salient features (i.e. anatomical point landmarks and surfaces) are used and it also has no impact on the speed of the algorithm. The results show that the target registration error is less than 2 mm and has sub-second performance on intra-subject registration of MR image real datasets. It is observed that the Fast RBF algorithm is relatively insensitive to the increasing number of point landmarks used as compared with the competing feature based algorithms.
reference: Vol. 37, 2018, No. 1, pp. 244–268