Petri Nets at Modelling and Control of Discrete-Event Systems with Nondeterminism -- Part 2

keywords: Analyzing, control synthesis, discrete-event systems, error recovery, interpreted Petri nets, modelling, labelled Petri nets, place/transition Petri nets, uncertainty, uncontrollable transitions, unmeasurable places, unobservable transitions
Discrete-Event Systems (DES) are discrete in nature. Petri Nets (PN) are one of the most widespread tools for DES modelling, analyzing and control. Different kinds of PN can be used for such purposes. Some of them were described in \citeCapkovic_5, being the first part of this paper. Here, the applicability of Labelled PN (LbPN) and Interpreted PN (IPN) for modelling and control of nondeterministic DES, especially with uncontrollable and/or unobservable transitions in the models, will be pointed out. Moreover, another kinds of nondeterminism in DES (errors, failures) will be modelled, and the possibilities of the error recovery of failed system will be presented.
mathematics subject classification 2000: 93-C65, 93-C30
reference: Vol. 38, 2019, No. 3, pp. 728–764