Clustering and Bootstrapping Based Framework for News Knowledge Base Completion

keywords: Knowledge base completion, natural language processing, information extraction, triples, bootstrap, cluster
Extracting the facts, namely entities and relations, from unstructured sources is an essential step in any knowledge base construction. At the same time, it is also necessary to ensure the completeness of the knowledge base by incrementally extracting the new facts from various sources. To date, the knowledge base completion is studied as a problem of knowledge refinement where the missing facts are inferred by reasoning about the information already present in the knowledge base. However, facts missed while extracting the information from multilingual sources are ignored. Hence, this work proposed a generic framework for knowledge base completion to enrich a knowledge base of crime-related facts extracted from online news articles in the English language, with the facts extracted from low resourced Indian language Hindi news articles. Using the framework, information from any low-resourced language news articles can be extracted without using language-specific tools like POS tags and using an appropriate machine translation tool. To achieve this, a clustering algorithm is proposed, which explores the redundancy among the bilingual collection of news articles by representing the clusters with knowledge base facts unlike the existing Bag of Words representation. From each cluster, the facts extracted from English language articles are bootstrapped to extract the facts from comparable Hindi language articles. This way of bootstrapping within the cluster helps to identify the sentences from a low-resourced language that are enriched with new information related to the facts extracted from a high-resourced language like English. The empirical result shows that the proposed clustering algorithm produced more accurate and high-quality clusters for monolingual and cross-lingual facts, respectively. Experiments also proved that the proposed framework achieves a high recall rate in extracting the new facts from Hindi news articles.
reference: Vol. 40, 2021, No. 2, pp. 318–340