Optimal Allocation of Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles Using Probabilistic Route Selection

keywords: Charging stations, electric vehicle, transportation network, optimal placement, self-avoiding random walk
Electric vehicles (EVs) are environmentally friendly and are considered to be a promising approach toward a green transportation infrastructure with lower greenhouse gas emissions. However, the limited driving range of EVs demands a strategic allocation of charging facilities, hence providing recharging opportunities that help reduce EV owners' anxiety about their vehicles' range. In this paper, we study a set covering method where self-avoiding walks are utilized to find the most significant locations for charging stations. In the corresponding optimization problem, we derive a lower bound of the number of charging stations in a transportation network to obtain full coverage of the most probable routes. The proposed method is applied to a transportation network of the southern part of Sweden.
mathematics subject classification 2000: 90-C06, 90-B20, 90-B80
reference: Vol. 40, 2021, No. 2, pp. 408–427