Verification of Localization via Blockchain Technology on Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Swarm

keywords: Distributed network, UAVNet, localization, blockchain, Merkle algorithm, energy efficiency
Verification of the geographic location of a moving device is vital. This verification is important in terms of ensuring that the flying systems moving in the swarm are in orbit and that they are able to task completion and manage their energy efficiency. Cyber-attacks on unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) in a swarm can affect their position and cause various damages. In order to avoid this challenge, it is necessary to share with each other the positions of UAV in the swarm and to increase their accuracy. In this study, it is aimed to increase position accuracy and data integrity of UAV by using blockchain technology in swarm. Experiments were conducted on a virtual UAV network (UAVNet). Successful results were obtained from this proposed study.
reference: Vol. 40, 2021, No. 2, pp. 428–445