Integration of 2D Textural and 3D Geometric Features for Robust Facial Expression Recognition

keywords: Facial expression recognition, histogram of oriented gradient, local binary pattern, descriptors, feature extraction, voxels
Recognition of facial expressions is critical for successful social interactions and relationships. Facial expressions transmit emotional information, which is critical for human-machine interaction; therefore, significant research in computer vision has been conducted, with promising findings in using facial expression detection in both academia and industry. 3D pictures acquired enormous popularity owing to their ability to overcome some of the constraints inherent in 2D imagery, such as lighting and variation. We present a method for recognizing facial expressions in this article by combining features extracted from 2D textured pictures and 3D geometric data using the Local Binary Pattern (LBP) and the 3D Voxel Histogram of Oriented Gradients (3DVHOG), respectively. We performed various pre-processing operations using the MDPA-FACE3D and Bosphorus datasets, then we carried out classification process to classify images into seven universal emotions, namely anger, disgust, fear, happiness, sadness, neutral, and surprise. Using Support Vector Machine classifier, we achieved the accuracy of 88.5 % and 92.9 % on the MDPA-FACE3D and the Bosphorus datasets, respectively.
reference: Vol. 40, 2021, No. 5, pp. 988–1007