Intelligent Fusion Recommendation Algorithm for Social Network Based on Fuzzy Perception

keywords: Fuzzy perception, social network, fusion, intelligent fusion recommendation, algorithm
In order to improve the effect of intelligent fusion recommendation under the background of social network, this paper combines the fuzzy perception algorithm to research the intelligent fusion recommendation algorithm of social network. Moreover, this paper proposes a task offloading scheme that relies on V2V communication to utilize idle computing resources in a ``resource pool''. In addition, this paper formulates the computational task execution time as a min-max problem to reduce the storage overhead to optimize the total task execution time. Numerical results show that the proposed scheme greatly reduces the task execution time. The introduced particle swarm optimization algorithm also proves the convergence speed and accuracy of the optimization problem. The research verifies that the intelligent fusion recommendation algorithm for social network based on fuzzy perception has good social network data fusion effect and can effectively improve the effect of intelligent fusion recommendation.
reference: Vol. 43, 2024, No. 1, pp. 240–260