Semantic Web Service Engineering: Annotation Based Approach

keywords: Annotation, web service, engineering, semantic web services, ontology, SAWSDL, ontology matching, similarity measures
Web services are an emerging paradigm which aims at implementing software components in the Web. They are based on syntactic standards, notably WSDL. Semantic annotation of Web services provides better qualitative and scalable solutions to the areas of service interoperation, service discovery, service composition and process orchestration. Manual annotation is a time-consuming process which requires deep domain knowledge and consistency of interpretation within annotation teams. Therefore, we propose an approach for semi-automatically annotating WSDL Web services descriptions. This is allowed by Semantic Web Service Engineering. The annotation approach consists of two main processes: categorization and matching. Categorization process consists in classifying WSDL service description to its corresponding domain. Matching process consists in mapping WSDL entities to pre-existing domain ontology. Both categorization and matching rely on ontology matching techniques. A tool has been developed and some experiments have been carried out to evaluate the proposed approach.
reference: Vol. 31, 2012, No. 6+, pp. 1575–1595