Htab2RDF: Mapping HTML Tables to RDF Triples

keywords: HTML tables, RDF, relational databases, Linked Data, domain ontology, WordNet
The Web has become a tremendously huge data source hidden under linked documents. A significant number of Web documents include HTML tables generated dynamically from relational databases. Often, there is no direct public access to the databases themselves. On the other hand, RDF (Resource Description Framework) gives an efficient mechanism to represent directly data on the Web based on a Web-scalable architecture for identification and interpretation of terms. This leads to the concept of Linked Data on the Web. To allow direct access to data on the Web as Linked Data, we propose in this paper an approach to transform HTML tables into RDF triples. It consists of three main phases: refining, pre-treatment and mapping. The whole process is assisted by a domain ontology and the WordNet lexical database. A tool called Htab2RDF has been implemented. Experiments have been carried out to evaluate and show efficiency of the proposed approach.
mathematics subject classification 2000: 68N99
reference: Vol. 36, 2017, No. 6, pp. 1467–1491