On the Satisfiability of Quasi-Classical Description Logics

keywords: Semantic web, description logics, quasi-classical logic, satisfiability, tableaux
Though quasi-classical description logic (QCDL) can tolerate the inconsistency of description logic in reasoning, a knowledge base in QCDL possibly has no model. In this paper, we investigate the satisfiability of QCDL, namely, QC-coherency and QC-consistency and develop a tableau calculus, as a formal proof, to determine whether a knowledge base in QCDL is QC-consistent. To do so, we repair the standard tableau for DL by introducing several new expansion rules and defining a new closeness condition. Finally, we prove that this calculus is sound and complete. Based on this calculus, we implement an OWL paraconsistent reasoner called QC-OWL. Preliminary experiments show that QC-OWL is highly efficient in checking QC-consistency.
reference: Vol. 36, 2017, No. 6, pp. 1415–1446