Adaptive Fault Diagnosis of Motors Using Comprehensive Learning Particle Swarm Optimizer with Fuzzy Petri Net

keywords: Fuzzy Petri net, CLPSO, fault diagnosis, motor, adaptive
This study proposes and applies a comprehensive learning particle swarm optimization (CLPSO) fuzzy Petri net (FPN) algorithm, which is based on the CLPSO algorithm and FPN, to the fault diagnosis of a complex motor. First, the transition confidence is replaced by a Gaussian function to deal with the uncertainty of fault propagation. Then, according to the Petri net principle, a competition operator is introduced to improve the matrix reasoning. Finally, a CLPSO-FPN model for motor fault diagnosis is established based on the motor failure mechanism and fault characteristics. The CLPSO algorithm is used to generate the system parameters for fault diagnosis and to improve the adaptability and accuracy of fault diagnosis. This study considers the example of a three-phase asynchronous motor. The results show that the proposed algorithm can diagnose faults in this motor with satisfactory adaptability and accuracy compared with the traditional FPN algorithm. By establishing the system model, the fault propagation process of motors can be accurately and intuitively expressed, thus improving the fault treatment and equipment maintenance of motors.
mathematics subject classification 2000: 93D21
reference: Vol. 39, 2020, No. 1-2, pp. 246–263