Repairing Process Models with Non-Free-Choice Constructs Based on Token Replay

keywords: Model repair, non-free-choice constructs, logical Petri net, token replay, process model, event logs
A method of repairing process models with non-free-choice constructs is proposed based on logical Petri nets, aiming at the problem of low precision in the existing repair methods. An extended successor matrix of transitions is determined according to the distance between any two transitions. There are two types of choice-construct transitions. One is a non-free-choice construct transition, and the other is a general choice construct transition. The type of choice-construct transitions can be determined based on the extended successor matrix and the relationship between the front and back sets of transitions. The location of the deviations is calculated by an improved replaying method. Finally, a model can be repaired according to remaining-token places and missing-token places. Based on the experiments on real event logs, the method proposed in this paper has a better performance in fitness, precision, and simplicity compared with its peers.
reference: Vol. 41, 2022, No. 4, pp. 1054–1077