BVFB: Training Behavior Verification Mechanism for Secure Blockchain-Based Federated Learning

keywords: Federated learning, blockchain, poisoning attack, behavior verification, secure aggregation
There are still two problems of the existing methods of defending against poisoning attacks of the blockchain-based federated learning: 1) It is difficult to accurately identify the nodes under attack; 2) The effect of the model is greatly affected when the number of malicious nodes exceeds a half. So, an innovative secure mechanism is proposed for blockchain-based federated learning, which is called the training behavior verification mechanism. The mechanism describes the consistent training behavior rules of nodes by constructing the training behavior model, and distinguishes honest nodes from malicious nodes by comparing the differences in training behavior models on the training behavior verification algorithm. Experiments show that the new mechanism can effectively resist more than half of the label-flipping attacks and backdoor attacks, and has the advantages of higher stability and higher accuracy than methods such as Krum, Trimmed Mean, and Median.
reference: Vol. 41, 2022, No. 6, pp. 1401–1424