Adaptive Evolutionary Multitasking to Solve Inter-Domain Path Computation Under Node-Defined Domain Uniqueness Constraint: New Solution Encoding Scheme

keywords: Adaptive multifactorial evolutionary algorithm, inter-domain path computation, transfer optimization, evolutionary multitasking
In multi-domain networks, the efficiency of path computation becomes more and more important. The Inter-Domain Path Computation under Node-defined Domain Uniqueness Constraint (IDPC-NDU) is a recently investigated problem where its objective is to determine the effective routing path between two nodes that traverses every domain at most once. IDPC-NDU is NP-Hard, so the approximation approaches are suitable to deal with this problem for large instances. Multifactorial Evolutionary Algorithm (MFEA) is an emerging research topic in the field of evolutionary computation that can efficiently tackle multiple optimization problems at the same time. This study proposed an approach based on the combination of the Adaptive Multifactorial Evolutionary Algorithm (dMFEA-II) and Dijkstra algorithm for solving IDPC-NDU. The encoding and evaluating methods based on the permutation representation are also introduced, and the new individual representation is always to produce valid solutions. The proposed algorithm is evaluated on two types of instances. Simulation results demonstrate the superior performance of the proposed algorithm in comparison with the existing algorithms in terms of the quality of the solution.
reference: Vol. 42, 2023, No. 1, pp. 98–125