ETSA-LP: Ensemble Time-Series Approach for Load Prediction in Cloud

keywords: Cloud computing, load prediction, time-series forecasting, ensemble approach, dynamic resource prediction
Cloud Computing has immersed researchers in accessing the resources on-demand for deploying various applications by offering infinite services. But, as the demand for cloud resources is dynamic, it significantly affects the load on the system. Thus, this research emphasizes deploying a dynamic and autonomic load prediction framework. This paper proposes an Ensemble Time-Series Approach for Load Prediction (ETSA-LP), which integrates various time-series analysis techniques for predicting CPU and memory utilization. To evaluate the efficiency of the proposed approach, a series of experiments on Google and PlanetLab traces have been conducted in a real Cloud environment. The results were compared according to different performance metrics and models, the accuracy determined and the minimal error rate selected as the best among others. The proposed ensemble approach gives the best performance over the existing models showing the remarkable accuracy improvement and reducing the error rate and execution time.
reference: Vol. 43, 2024, No. 1, pp. 64–93