Novel Architecture for Human Re-Identification with a Two-Stream Neural Network and Attention Mechanism

keywords: Identification of persons, multi-layer neural network, gait recognition, human re-identification, convolutional neural networks, attention mechanism
This paper proposes a novel architecture that utilises an attention mechanism in conjunction with multi-stream convolutional neural networks (CNN) to obtain high accuracy in human re-identification (Reid). The proposed architecture consists of four blocks. First, the pre-processing block prepares the input data and feeds it into a spatial-temporal two-stream CNN (STC) with two fusion points that extract the spatial-temporal features. Next, the spatial-temporal attentional LSTM block (STA) automatically fine-tunes the extracted features and assigns weight to the more critical frames in the video sequence by using an attention mechanism. Extensive experiments on four of the most popular datasets support our architecture. Finally, the results are compared with the state of the art, which shows the superiority of this approach.
reference: Vol. 41, 2022, No. 4, pp. 905–930