Research on UBI Auto Insurance Pricing Model Based on Parameter Adaptive SAPSO Optimal Fuzzy Controller

keywords: Parameter adaptive SAPSO, fuzzy controller, fuzzy rule, membership function
Aiming at the problem of ``dynamic'' accurate determination of rates in UBI auto insurance pricing, this paper proposes a UBI auto insurance pricing model based on fuzzy controller and optimizes it with a parameter adaptive SASPO. On the basis of the SASPO algorithm, the movement direction of the particles can be mutated and the direction can be dynamically controlled, the inertia weight value is given by the distance between the particle and the global optimal particle, and the learning factor is calculated according to the change of the fitness value, which realizes the parameter in the running process. Effective self-adjustment. A five-dimensional fuzzy controller is constructed by selecting the monthly driving mileage, the number of violations, and the driving time at night in the UBI auto insurance data. The weights are used to form fuzzy rules, and a variety of algorithms are used to optimize the membership function and fuzzy rules and compare them. The research results show that, compared with other algorithms, the parameter adaptive SAPAO algorithm can calculate more reasonable, accurate and high-quality fuzzy rules and membership functions when processing UBI auto insurance data. The accuracy and robustness of UBI auto insurance rate determination can realize dynamic and accurate determination of UBI auto insurance rates.
reference: Vol. 41, 2022, No. 4, pp. 1078–1113