Modeling and Analyzing User Behavior Risks in Online Shopping Processes Based on Data-Driven and Petri-Net Methods

keywords: Petri net, data analysis, user behavior
With the rapid spread of e-commerce and e-payment, the increasing number of people choose online shopping instead of traditional buying way. However, the malicious user behaviors have a significant influence on the security of users' accounts and property. In order to guarantee the security of shopping environment, a method based on Complex Event Process (CEP) and Colored Petri nets (CPN) is proposed in this paper. CEP is a data-driven technology that can correlate and process a large amount of data according to Event Patterns, and CPN is a formal model that can simulate and verify the specifications of the online shopping processes. In this work, we first define the modeling scheme to depict the user behaviors and Event Patterns of online shopping processes based on CPN. The Event Patterns can be constructed and verified by formal methods, which guarantees the correctness of Event Patterns. After that, the Event Patterns are translated into Event Pattern Language (EPL) according to the corresponding algorithms. Finally, the EPLs can be inserted into the complex event processing engine to analyze the users' behavior flows in real-time. In this paper, we validate the effectiveness of the proposed method through case studies.
reference: Vol. 42, 2023, No. 2, pp. 501–524