PointHuman: Reconstructing Clothed Human from Point Cloud of Parametric Model

keywords: 3D reconstruction, clothed human reconstruction, SMPL estimation
It is very difficult to accomplish the 3D reconstruction of the clothed human body from a single RGB image, because the 2D image lacks the representation information of the 3D human body, especially for the clothed human body. In order to solve this problem, we introduced a priority scheme of different body parts spatial information and proposed PointHuman network. PointHuman combines the spatial feature of the parametric model of the human body with the implicit functions without expressive restrictions. In PointHuman reconstruction framework, we use Point Transformer to extract the semantic spatial feature of the parametric model of the human body to regularize the implicit function of the neural network, which extends the generalization ability of the neural network to complex human poses and various styles of clothing. Moreover, considering the ambiguity of depth information, we estimate the depth of the parameterized model after point cloudization, and obtain an offset depth value. The offset depth value improves the consistency between the parameterized model and the neural implicit function, and accuracy of human reconstruction models. Finally, we optimize the restoration of the parametric model from a single image, and propose a depth perception method. This method further improves the estimation accuracy of the parametric model and finally improves the effectiveness of human reconstruction. Our method achieves competitive performance on the THuman dataset.
reference: Vol. 42, 2023, No. 2, pp. 457–479