Micro-Directional Propagation Method Based on User Clustering

keywords: OCEAN model, micro-directional, propagation clustering, recommendation algorithm, collaborative filtering, BiasSVD, cold start
With the development of recommendation technology, it is of great significance to analyze users' digital footprints on social networking sites, extract user behavior rules, and make a relatively accurate assessment of each user's needs, to provide personalized services for users. It has been found that the users' behavior on social networking sites has a great correlation with the user's personalities. The OCEAN model's five characteristics can cover all aspects of user personality. There are some shortcomings in the current micro-directional propagation method. This paper has improved the traditional collaborative filtering method and proposed a collaborative filtering method based on user clustering. The model first clusters the users according to their OCEAN model, and then it filters the users collaboratively in the cluster to which the user belongs with the collaborative filtering method based on an optimized singular value decomposition (SVD) recommendation algorithm, called the BiasSVD recommendation algorithm -- to reduce the dimensionality of the data. Then it generates recommendations. Experiments show that clustering users' OCEAN models can improve the accuracy of recommendations. Compared with the entire user space, it greatly reduces the recommendation time, and effectively solves the cold start problem in micro directional propagation.
reference: Vol. 42, 2023, No. 6, pp. 1445–1470